Stony Brook SHPE History

In the fall 1987 semester, hermano Carlos Menjivar of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the Oldest Latino Fraternity in Existence, found a need for a Latino representation in the engineering field at Stony Brook University. The inception of the idea of such an organization came from hermanos Carlos Menjivar and Luis A. Gomez. Their vision was that this organization would unite, support, and empower Latinos in the engineering field. With the support of the Engineering department, their first meeting was a huge success. At this time, the organization was known as The Society of Hispanic Engineers (S.H.E) and by a unanimous vote, the first Executive Board was elected.

This organization would move forward with efforts based on field trips and hosting professional guest speakers so that students have the opportunity to network and build relations with individuals in their prospective discipline. Moreover, the organization would emphasize on increasing the number of Hispanic engineering students on campus and most importantly, provide proper guidance that would allow these students to flourish and receive his or her degree(s).

In the fall 1996 semester, the society decided to change their name from The Society of Hispanic Engineers (S.H.E.) at Stony Brook University to the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (S.H.P.E) at Stony Brook University in hope of giving the organization a rebirth at the university.

First Executive Board 1987-1988
President: Luis A. Gomez
Vice President: Orlando Montan
Secretary: Malbin Mendoza
Treasurer: Annette Pamis
Public Relations: Lily Liy & Jorge Resto

First SHPE Eboard

First SHPE Eboard