Weekly Update 3/4

Hola SHPEitos,

Another week, another weekly update about all the events and opportunities going on this week and the following weeks. Here is what we have coming up:

GBM’s are BACK!

As this states the GBM’s are back in full swing with another meeting this Wednesday from 7-8pm in the library in room W4535. We will talk about the upcoming events in greater detail.


Due to the feedback we received last semester we are reducing the number of RSVP, but this one is the overall RSVP for all the events this semester if you’re interested in any of the events please RSVP here

SWE Evening with the Industries

  • Held on Monday 3/4 in SAC Ballroom B from 7-9 pm
  • This event is a networking event and is a great way to meet professionals
  • Since there will be professionals it is business casual, so please dress appropriately
  • There will be great companies going H2M, Bloomberg, DMC, DASNY, Brookhaven National Lab, Broadridge and Cipla
  • Lastly there will be food at the event

BMES Talent Show

  • Held on March 7 in LDS Center it starts at 7
  • Do you have a secret talent that nobody knows about and you are dying to show off? This could be your chance to preform it
  • SHPE will be there doing two office skits, as well as playing the first ever SHPE band
  • If you would like to see us preform or preform yourself please RSVP here
  • Food will be served!

Project Management

  • Will be held on March 27th, from 7-9 pm in SAC 305
  • There will be professionals from different companies talking about their experience with project management
  • There will be food there.


Morgan Stanley Quantitative Finance

Our very own Dan DeDora will be there hosting the event. You will learn about Morgan Stanley and what you can do to put your talent and ambition to work. It will be held tomorrow from 5:30-7:00pm.

HBCU/MSI Internship

We are looking for an undergraduate student in Chemistry.The job description would include the following tasks:
1) Utilize our lab built apparatus called the GPEC (Gas Pressurized Extraction Chromatography) to perform quantitative separations.
2) Quantitatively analyze separated samples using a Q-ICP-MS.
3) Quantitatively analyze samples using radiochemical counting techniques, such as, LSC (Liquid Scintillation Counting).
Specifically we would like the student to help us: 
1) Perform separations on important fission products, such as isolating Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Cerium, Neodymium, and Samarium from one another in a complex nuclear fuel matrix. 
2) Develop a separation technique for Iron and Nickel and compare results to other well-characterized methods. 
3) Quantify the separations as they occur using our hyphenated system.
4) Develop new separation procedures based on the results, for instance changing various parameters (e.g. changing acid concentration, flow rates, etc.) during the process to improve the overall separation.
If this is something that interests you please contact Terrence Buck at 

Station1 Frontiers Fellowship

Are you a bold and creative thinker and an aspiring change maker who is passionate about applying science and technology to create a more equitable, creative, prosperous, and sustainable world? We invite you to apply to be in the summer 2019 cohort and participate in the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF)  – a unique and exciting residential science and technology-focused educational, research, and internship program with a focus on societal perspective, social innovation and impact in the Boston region of Massachusetts in the USA. For more information go  here!

JP Morgan Chase & Co. Sophomore Edge Opportunity

Join Sophomore Edge, where we’ll help set you up for success. Sophomore Edge is a program that seeks to provide training experiences for historically underrepresented segments in the field of financial services, including Black, Hispanic and Native American students. We’re looking for students with an interest in learning more about financial services, technology and JPMorgan Chase. This program will help prepare you to apply and interview for our summer 2020 internship programs. Register for this Early Insight program and see for yourself how we build diverse and inclusive teams who are making an impact for our clients, customers and communities around the world! All majors are welcome. Registration Deadline is March 4, and you can register here

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