Hello,Just a reminder there is a GBM today, from 7-8pm in the N4006 in the library. We are holding a costume contest, and the best costume will get a prize!We…


GBM/Event Updates

Hola SHPEitos,I hope you guys enjoyed the break, just a reminder that there is a GBM tonight from 7-8pm, in the library N4006!  Another reminder we are holding a potluck,…

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Hispanic Potluck Update

Hello SHPEitos,A little update regarding the Hispanic Potluck, the entrance to the event will be free! What you will pay $3 for is the food available, so if you don't…

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SHPE Social Friday 10/12

Hola,I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! As talked about in the last GBM we would like to hold a social this friday, if you are interested please fill-out…

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Reminder, today we will be holding our second GBM! It will be held in the library N4006 from 7 - 8pm.We look forward to seeing you there!

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Extended Eboard

Hello,We are still accepting people to the extended eboard positions. If you are interested please send us your qualifications for the position, and a statement explaining why you would like…

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