Weekly Update 4/15

Hola SHPEitos,And now our watch has ended, with Games of Thrones back every GBM will be dedicated to talking about the show and coming up theories about what will happen…

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Weekly Update 4/8

Hola SHPEitos, Back at it again with another weekly update in this email expect to find out about our upcoming events and some opportunities you may find interesting: GBM There…

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Spring Retreat TOMORROW

Hola SHPEitos,Just a reminder that Retreat will be held TOMORROW! We will meet at the SHPE office tomorrow morning at 9:30am, breakfast and lunch will be served tomorrow. Come to…

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GBM/Elections Today

So just a reminder that the GBM today will officially start at 8:15 we'll go over some announcements today, and then get to the main event around 8:30pm. Good luck…

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Weekly Update 3/25 Part 2

Hola SHPEitos,So you read that correctly for the first time we are having a part 2 to the weekly email! Here are two more opportunities we think would be great…

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Weekly Update 3/25

Hola SHPEitos,Well we are back at school, here to grind it out until the end of the semester. Here are some upcoming opportunities to lessen the grind: GBM There will…

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